Jim Carrey Paints Image Of Dead Student In Wake Of School Shooting

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for AFI)

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Jim Carrey has painted a number of pieces in the wake of the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the latest of which is particularly disturbing.

The comedian has stepped away from acting for the time being to focus on his painting, and the recent school shooting that left 17 dead has inspired at least four works of art so far. Carrey tweeted a photo of his latest and most disturbing piece on Sunday, which depicts a dead school girl laying in a pool of blood on top of the American flag.

“Oh say, can’t you see?!,” Carrey captioned the post.

The “Ace Ventura” star also painted pieces inspired by Marco Rubio’s stance after the shooting as well as Donald Trump’s response to it and his proposal to arm teachers with guns. (RELATED: Melania Trump Delivers Powerful Speech In Response To The Recent School Shooting)

“Great news! The President’s answer to school shootings is to arm the glee club!,” Carrey wrote along with a painting of several students holding handguns and one holding a grenade.

“It’s President’s Day and Chief Little Hands has been busy tweeting from his golf resort, a chip shot away from the latest bloody school shooting,” Carrey wrote along with another painting that depicted more than a dozen dead students sprawled out on a golf course. “He was hoping to play a few holes while grieving families are busy digging them.”

Apparently, Carrey has been drawing politically influenced cartoons for years, but just recently decided to take it more seriously, Fox News reports.

“I’ve been doing them all along. When I was in grade six, my teacher confiscated a bunch of the cartoons I made in the back of class of her being mutilated by bombs and axes, dogs chewing her leg, whatever,” Carrey told W Magazine last year. “And then she sent them back to me when I got famous (laughs). She’s been saving them; she said she knew something was going on there.”