Remembering The Original Outlaw Of Country Music

(Photo credit: Reuters News)

Johnny Cash would have celebrated his 86th birthday on Monday, which seems a perfect reason to look back at the legendary musician’s most badass moments.

The original outlaw of country music lived fast and hard and his music reflected that lifestyle.

Cash was arrested seven times throughout his lifetime, but only spent a few nights in jail despite the popular belief that he served time in prison. Even still, Johnny Cash embodied the attitude of the inmates and recorded his two most popular and best-selling albums in prisons.

At the time, his lyrics and style of play were controversial and his behavior off the stage didn’t help of course. But now, decades later, his music is celebrated for their influence it had on the music industry.

Johnny Cash will always be the biggest badass country music has ever seen and his music is the only reminder you’ll ever need to assure you of that.

Rest in peace, Johnny.