PGA Champ Justin Thomas Proves He’s A Beta By Kicking Out A Stray Heckler

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Just before Justin Thomas finished 8 strokes under par at the Honda Classic on Sunday, he let a heckler get the best of him and had to set things straight.

According to Thomas, an unruly fan behind the ropes whispered something to him as he approached the tee.

“We were walking up on the tee and this guy, I don’t know who he was talking to, but sounds like it was me. He said something like — he was like, ‘I hope you hit it in the water, hit it in the water,’ something like that. I just kind of like looked back there. Didn’t say anything,” Thomas said.

But things escalated from there.

“I don’t want to kick someone out just to kick them out. It’s just it’s so inappropriate. We’re out here trying to win a golf tournament. I would have done it if he said it to Luke, just like Rory did to the guy that said something to me at L.A. Just because you’re standing behind the ropes doesn’t mean that you can -—I don’t care how much I dislike somebody, I’m never going to wish that kind of stuff upon them. I felt it was inappropriate, so he had to go home.”

Apparently he told the guy to “enjoy his day” and told him to take a walk. And the guy was taken off the course early.

I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you’re the first golfer to go to a sudden death round at the last hole to win the whole thing. Kicking a fan out is simply not a good look. And then later justifying it to the press by saying ‘Rory once did the same kind of thing’ is also a really bad look. That’s some first grader stuff. It’s not what champions do.

It’s no secret that Justin Thomas is a complete freak. Just a few weeks back he told a golf ball to ‘talk dirty to me’ on a hot mic. Kicking a fan out in the same month really brings you down a few notches – doesn’t matter who you are.

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