‘The View’ Savages The Clintons: Bill ‘Abusive’ To Women, Hillary A ‘Virus’ To Democrats

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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The women of “The View” did not go easy on Bill or Hillary Clinton during Monday’s broadcast.

The co-hosts were responding to a new profile on Monica Lewinsky, where the former White House intern described Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse of her when he was president. The View ladies took turns savaging the Clintons and their “gross abuse of power.”

Speaking about the affair, which eventually led to Clinton’s impeachment, Joy Behar said it was “an abuse of power. He was the president and she was an intern. She was 23 or 24?” Behar continued. “If you’re talking about powers, inequality in power, that’s the big biggie. An intern and a president.” Guest co-host Meredith Vieira said Lewinsky was unfairly vilified after the affair but Clinton was allowed to go on to lead a successful life.


Behar made the point that Clinton no longer has a voice in the Me Too movement.

“It haunts him to this day,” she said of Clinton. “Have you seen him lately talking with this Me Too thing? He can’t stump for Democrats easily.” Whoopi Goldberg commented on the moment in the 2016 elections when three of BillClinton’s former accusers were brought to a presidential debate, saying it will “haunt” Clinton forever.

Vieira said that Lewinsky did not give consent to Clinton for his sexual advances and that it’s “Not just the age. The power difference, too.”

Meghan McCain bluntly said that the Clinton affair taught her about oral sex when she was barely a teenager.

“I learned what oral sex was because of the Monica Lewinsky thing. Very uncomfortable and it was a long story but yeah, I was 12 or 13. I was very young.”

The View ladies than turned their fire on Hillary for defending her husband and her “role” in the “bimbo eruptions” during his career.

McCain said “Going forward for Democrats, I do think this scandal and Hillary’s role in the bimbo eruptions really hurt her. I would just leave the Clintons as far out of 2020 as possible if I were a Democrat.”

Speaking of the Clintons, Behar said “I think they’re a liability at the moment.” McCain then called the Clintons a “virus.”

“I think the Democratic Party has to reconcile the Clintons are a virus that is going to continue to hurt you in elections going forward and these conversations about Monica Lewinsky are never going to go away.”

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