Tucker Tells Illegal Immigrant Lawyer: ‘I Don’t Think You Should Become A Citizen’

Justin Caruso Contributor

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson told illegal immigrant lawyer Cesar Vargas on Monday that he doesn’t think he should “become a citizen.”


Vargas repeatedly invoked American history during the segment, saying “That’s why we had a colonial war,” and “We pushed against a tyrant.”

“First of all, I mean, no offense, but I wish you wouldn’t say we. Hold on, since you’re not a citizen, actually, so you don’t get to see we. I’m sorry. You just don’t,” The Daily Caller co-founder said.

“I’m an American. Citizenship does not make me an American, ” Vargas said.

“It does. I don’t know who told you that by the way,” Carlson replied. “I don’t know who told you that that’s — no, actually you become an American when you become an American citizen. That’s the definition of it. I’m not attacking you as a person. I’m sure you’re a great person. I’m sure you’re smart. We’re just different in that I’m an American and you’re not.”


Tucker said later in the segment, “I’m beginning to think I don’t think you should become a citizen. I mean, no offense or anything, I would be happy to have dinner with you.”

“Go for dinner at nice Mexican restaurant,” Vargas said.

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