Amazon Buys Ring, The Video Doorbell We Love

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Last summer, we reviewed the Ring Video Doorbell. I implore you to go check out all that we said, but I’ll recap it here: we are big fans of the Ring Video Doorbell. He’s a paragraph from that post, relating the experience of friends of mine who’ve had one for awhile now:

It is a video doorbell: As such, no matter where they are, they can see who is at their doorstep simply by checking the app on their phone. They can see immediately when a package arrives or if an uninvited visitor attempts any funny business on their property. (You can also save the footage of every time someone moves on your doorstep to watch again later). In fact, if someone comes to their door and they aren’t home, they can actually communicate with them right then and there from their remote location. (My first thought: Perfect for telling the UPS guy not to just leave packages on the doorstep for porch pirates).

We wrote about the Ring Video Doorbell back then because it was $50 off. Now we are writing about it because of recent news. According to GeekWire, Amazon has decided to buy Ring (the entire company, not just an individual doorbell).


Normally $250, this video doorbell is 20 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $250, this video doorbell is $7 off (Photo via Amazon)

Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Existing Doorbell Wiring Required) on sale for $239.99

As I’ve said before, my friends who have one of these absolutely love it. And the video quality – 1080p HD video and infrared LEDs – also works great at night, a very positive trait when it comes to a doorbell that effectively doubles as a security camera. From my perspective, this is a very wise move on Amazon’s part.

WATCH The Ring Video Doorbell:

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