NSA Chief Corrects Liz Warren On Defense Acronym

REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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National Security Agency (NSA) director Admiral Mike Rogers corrected Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren after she mispronounced a defense acronym multiple times on Tuesday.


Warren asked Rogers during a hearing in front of the Senate Armed Forces Committee if he would recommend any reforms to DOPMA, the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act, to boost the United States’ cyber capabilities.

Warren, however, repeatedly referred to the act as “dope-ma” even though it is correctly pronounced “dop-ma.”

“This committee is now considering reforms to the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act, or DOPMA, another one of our great acronyms. Love to talk about DOPMA,” she joked. “If you could make just one change to DOPMA to help attract that right technical talent for the cyber jobs of tomorrow, what would that be?”

“To be honest, we use the phrase DOPMA,” Rogers corrected, “because otherwise it sounds terrible.”

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