Meghan McCain Points Out Media Hypocrisy On Chelsea Clinton

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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“The View” cohost Meghan McCain reminded her cohosts on Tuesday that Ivanka Trump is not the only first daughter to take her father’s word over the media’s; Chelsea Clinton also refused to answer questions about allegations of sexual assault against her father.


The cohosts attacked Ivanka Trump for telling NBC reporter Peter Alexander that it was “inappropriate” to ask about sexual harassment allegations against the president because he is her father. McCain deftly brought up another first daughter.

“I not going to project onto Ivanka Trump and tell you how she really feels. I will tell you that, being the spouse or son or daughter of a politician is very tricky because you either take on a surrogate role or you take on the son or daughter role,” McCain explained. “And when you decide to be a surrogate, which means you’re doing interviews with the press, you do press scrums, you go on the campaign trail with them, you work in an official capacity as an extension of the political office that your parent represents.”

“So, Chelsea Clinton did that,” McCain reminded her cohosts. “There was a lot of criticism with Chelsea Clinton that she was sort of also playing both halves. This has happened before.”

Joy Behar seemed befuddled by the comparison, and asked, “But did she work in an official capacity?”

McCain and cohost Sunny Hostin both clarified that she was an official campaign surrogate, and Hostin even argued that “she was asked the question [about Bill Clinton’s alleged indiscretions] and refused to answer it.”

McCain ultimately argued that Ivanka Trump could have better answered the question from Alexander, but ultimately seemed bothered by the double standard with Chelsea Clinton.

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