We Got You A Discount Code So You Don’t Have To Spend $600 On A Robotic Vacuum

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By now, you should know that the Daily Dealer is a big fan of Roombas. However, we are also a big fan of not paying $600 for things when possible. It is that tension that compels us to look for robotic vacuum cleaners that are more reasonably priced.

The MOOKA robotic vacuum cleaner is one such device. It does everything a Roomba does, cleaning your floor automatically with the click of a button. But here’s the thing: it only costs $200. We were so enthused to find this that we got you an additional discount of nearly $50. Just use the code 4WX7W6GX.


Normally $200, this robotic vacuum is 23 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $200, this robotic vacuum is 23 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

MOOKA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Tangle-free Suction for Pet Hair, Anti-bump and Drop-sensing Technology, Rechargeable Battery, HEPA-style Filter, For Hard Floors and Thin Carpets on sale for $149.99 with code 4WX7W6GX

This robotic vacuum cleaner has a wildly impressive 4.7-star rating, the result of 91 percent of customers giving it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. Here is the top customer review, by Sassycassielyn:

This little guy does his job, and does it right! I am amazed by how much of my house it actually cleans. I have a small two bedroom duplex, with a lot of tile. This is just right for my house.

It moves in a random pattern while vacuuming, but somehow seems to get most everything from what I have seen. It senses or lightly bumps into things before turning and continuing its course. I do make sure I have as many things out of the way as possible. It transfers between the tile and rug easily, and works great on both surfaces.

It cleans for at least a full hour (that is the longest I have tested it) on a single charge. As soon as it is low it will make its way back to the charging station. I have not had any problems with it finding the charging station and lining itself up.

The pieces on the bottom are simple to remove and clean. I often get hair caught, however it comes with a little brush comb and hair/string cutter. It only took me a couple minutes to clean the brush and the circle dusters.

The serious issues I have had with this so far are the places that are the exact height of the vacuum (the fridge door), so that it gets stuck underneath. The time it takes to fully charge is several hours. I am just sure to have it at the charging station always. The remote is still a little tricky, and it either eats up batteries like crazy or I keep finding partially used batteries. Hopefully that is just my problem.

Overall I am pleased with the product, and I enjoy being able to sit back while someone (something) else does the vacuuming!

A common theme emerges in the reviews, as many customers admit not wanting to take the leap to a robotic vacuum cleaner until they saw the amazing price on this one. Here’s Erica:

The code 4WX7W6GX expires at the end of March.


Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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