Piers Morgan Tries To Write Off NRA Supporter’s Facts As ‘Semantics’

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Kyle Morris Contributor
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“Good Morning Britain” co-host Piers Morgan railed against National Rifle Association supporter Antonia Okafor’s stance on guns during a Monday interview.

Morgan claimed “absolutely nothing was done” after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 to change “any gun laws.”

“That’s not true,” Okafor challenged.

“Maryland implemented many gun restrictions right after Sandy Hook,” she said later.

“Baltimore, which USA Today has deemed the most dangerous city in America, not only do they have the most restrictive gun control laws today because of Sandy Hook, they also have the most gun violence today because of those gun restrictions,” Okafor added.


Morgan dismissed her argument: “Antonia, what you’re doing is playing semantics as all the gun lobbying people in America do.”

“Semantics? They’re facts,” she replied.

Morgan later claimed that AR-15 rifles fire 100 bullets per minute. The Bushmaster AR-15 manual, however, puts the maximum effective rate at 45 rounds per minute.

After Morgan made an attempt to berate Okafor and her credibility when asking her about bump stocks, Okafor snickered.

Piers then said, “So you think it’s funny?”

Okafor responded, “No, Piers. It’s funny that I have been able to talk about all of the instances and answer all of your questions … but the bump stock fire, that’s what you’re trying to get me on.”

Midway through the interview, Okafor stated, “Again, it is not about the firearm. It’s the person behind the firearm whose intent is doing harm.”

Okafor insisted that Morgan’s claims were irrelevant by saying, “Shame on you, Piers Morgan, for the fact that the examples that you used are all countries that are in the West or have Western culture.”

The interview ended after Morgan said, “America is in the West, you ridiculous woman! Sorry – do you don’t even know where America is? It’s in the West. I’m done with you. You don’t even know where America is.” (RELATED: She Voted For Obama Twice Before Choosing Trump. Why Antonia Okafor Made The Switch)

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Okafor took to Twitter to inform everyone on how to “piss off Piers Morgan.” She added, “Apparently, don’t correct his blatantly false statements. It all started when I told him that an AR-15 does NOT shoot at 100 per minute.”

Okafor appeared on the show alongside a student who survived the Feb. 14 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. Joining many of his fellow classmates, the student now aims to crack down on the NRA’s influence on U.S. politicians.

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