You Can Now Bet Which Quarterback Will Score Highest On The Wonderlic

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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You can now offshore bet on which quarterback will have the highest Wonderlic score for the NFL draft.

The Wonderlic is a 50 point test given to every single player looking to enter the league, and resembles that of the ACT or SAT. I’ve taken some practice Wonderlic tests over the years to see how I’d stack up against NFL players. I can confirm that it is substantially easier than both the ACT and SAT.

The odds are as follow, according to

Josh Allen, Wyoming: +130
Josh Rosen, California-Los Angeles: +225
Sam Darnold, Southern California: +400
Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma: +500
Lamar Jackson, Louisville: +1000

These odds are actually very surprising to me. All anybody talks about when discussing Rosen is that he’s apparently a super smart kid. It’s one of the reasons I think he’s been so outspoken on a variety of issues. He clearly has a very intelligent head on his shoulders. I’m also not knocking Allen or anybody else on this list. I’m sure they’re all smart people, but Rosen just seemed like he was head and shoulders a lock to win this wager.

Apparently, I was very wrong.

The only person who should really be offended is Lamar Jackson. He’s not even close to be nearing the top. So disrespectful. You almost just have to bet on yourself if you’re Jackson just to prove a point. You can’t let the world think you’re an idiot. Have to come out there and gun it for the highest Wonderlic test score in the history of the league. You can bet every dollar you have somebody who will try to accuse the oddsmakers of racism when they see this list.

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