Feminist Erotica Author Caught For Running Prostitution Ring In California


Jena Greene Reporter
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A 59-year-old erotic feminist author, Fay Ruth Romesburg, was busted for running a massive prostitution ring in California this week.

The author of “Kinky Feminist” and her son, David Scott Romesburg, allegedly ran a ring of about 150 women ages 18-50 out of their family home and in the surrounding San Francisco area. Five of the women are now actively working with police to reach a prosecution using some of their personal stories. One woman has alleged that she was forced into having sex with David Scott Romesburg in order to pay back some of the money he withheld from her.

According to the Daily Mail, Fay Ruth Romesburg is a feminist erotic writer who claims to be deeply concerned with women’s rights. She supposedly holds a degree in English and Psychology from University Of California Berkeley and has told the Press Democrat that she’s “deeply concerned about female empowerment and female sexual empowerment.” She also told the publication, “We need to stop treating these women as victims. They are highly intelligent and educated.”

Not exactly the type of rhetoric you’d expect to hear coming from a pimp. You have to be pretty sick and twisted individual to run a prostitution ring, especially with your son. On top of that, we’re dealing with a female pimp who’s somehow simultaneously concerned about female empowerment and writes about kinky feminism in her off time. I’d be curious to learn whether she thinks she’s empowering these 150 by enslaving them in a sex ring, or whether they’re exempt from the whole empowerment initiative.

Not to mention, this woman sounds a little like an evil genius. She’s allegedly got her degree in English and Psychology from UC Berkeley, so she’s probably well spoken and understands the ins and outs of the human psyche. But I’d imagine the constant pivoting between penning feminist propaganda and literally pawning off female slaves as sex objects would wear anyone down, doesn’t matter how much garbage you believe about feminism being synonymous with sexual empowerment.

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