CNN Correspondent Has The Shooting Stance Of Seven Year Old Legless Child

CNN AR15 (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube AC360)

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CNN recently released a video of correspondent Gary Tuchman with an AR-15 at the gun range, and there are children around the world laughing at his pathetic form.

Tuchman picked up the scary black rifle to send rounds down range in one of the most pathetic fashions I’ve ever seen.

But don’t worry. It wasn’t just Tuchman who embarrassed himself. Retired Lt. General Mark Hertling even managed to make a fool out of himself when saying he could fire the AR-15 “full semi-automatic.”

For those of you who don’t know, there is no such thing as “full semi-automatic.” That’s a completely made up term.

I have a younger sister who has a better shooting stance than Tuchman and she rarely fires a weapon. Hell, an ex-girlfriend of mine had a better shooting stance the first time she picked up a gun.

Tuchman literally looks like he’s terrified of the gun fighting him at any moment. His back is arched backwards as if it’s broken. How did a retired General stand there and allow this man to emasculate himself on national television? He should have had Tuchman grab his groin after that pathetic display of firepower just to make sure his balls were still there.

CNN AR15 (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube AC360)

CNN AR15 (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube AC360)

I don’t think my dad would have ever let me pick up a gun again if I pulled this garbage as a child. If there’s no excuse for a seven year old to be this bad with a gun then there damn sure isn’t any excuse for a full grown man to shoot with this form. His face has the look of a man who thinks the brass is going to get ejected, come to life and attack him.

Great shooting form is not difficult to achieve. Grip the weapon, hold it snug against your shoulder, lean into the shot, breath and slowly squeeze the trigger. You could pull a monkey out of the zoo and teach him to do it better than this.

Also, dude, keep your eyes open. You’re shooting a weapon. You’re not a dozen beers deep in a dark reflection about all the mistakes in your life that led you to be on a gun range looking like a fool in front of an entire country.

At least he doesn’t look as bad as that clown from the New York Daily News who claimed an AR-15 gave him PTSD. That’s a minor victory for this CNN correspondent.

It’s also worth noting that these two are pushing a narrative that somehow an AR-15 shoots at a more rapid rate than other semi-automatic weapons. That’s of course completely false. The cyclical rate of AR-15 can be faster than some semi-automatic weapons and slower than others. I got a Ruger 10/22 as a very young child, and the cyclical rate of that weapon platform is way higher than AR-15. It’s shocking that CNN never talks about that. It’s almost like they’re pushing a specific message and point of view. Weird how that works out.

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