Irish Hero Stabs Neighbor For Reciting Poetry Instead Of Shutting Up

Gabrielle Okun | Reporter

An Irish man stabbed his neighbor for reciting poetry instead of shutting up, a report states Tuesday.

John Paul Mulready, 40, faces two and a half years in jail after stabbing and biting his neighbor Dermot Bryne due to “poetry being recited incessantly,” reported The Irish Times. Bryne, who composes poetry said he used a frying pan to defend himself after Mulready barged into his apartment claiming that music was being played too loudly. Bryne managed to get away by slamming a vodka bottle at Mulready, but still suffered injuries from being stabbed in the leg and getting his face bitten by the poetry hater. Bryne also claimed his phone that contained his poetry went missing after the attack.

Mulready appeared at court and is currently getting help at the New Hope residential drug rehabilitation center for the past four months. His lawyer argues that he previously lacked self-control due to the combination of alcohol and prescribed medication in his system when he lost control and attacked the poet, reported the Independent.

Mulready pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary with a knife in Dublin Sept. 4, 2015. He previously faced charges including drug offenses, the use of knives, assault, and criminal damage resulting in 116 convictions overall.

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