MSNBC Guest Touts Saudi Arabia’s Record On Women’s Rights


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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An MSNBC guest on Wednesday touted the great “opportunities” for women in Saudi Arabia with no pushback from anchor Andrea Mitchell.


Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, a Saudi princess, is the executive vice president of the Saudi Sports Authority. She appeared on MSNBC to claim massive progress for women in her home country.

“The changes that are happening for women in my nation are not just happening at that senior level, they’re happening across the board,” she claimed. “We’re really working hard on creating training and vocational programs to expand the viability of career options for women.”

“What we’re also doing is creating the opportunity for mobility, and that’s where the women driving comes in,” she continued. “We’re talking about a dream that today is actually a reality — you can find innovation in my country, you can find job opportunities.”

Mitchell cited “challenges” for the campaign for women in Saudi Arabia, primarily the war in Yemen, but did not note challenges related to the country’s own hand in oppression.

Human Rights Watch’s 2018 report on Saudi Arabia explained that women and girls still face many formal and informal barriers to having full rights, despite the recent orders granting women the right to drive and the right to make certain decisions without a male guardian.

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