False Alarm: The Spice Girls Will Not Perform At The Royal Wedding

(Photo by Paul McConnell/Getty Images)

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It didn’t take long for rumors of a Spice Girls reunion at the upcoming Royal Wedding to get shot down.

It was reported Tuesday that the Spice Girls are “officially getting the band back together” at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, but they won’t be performing, Page Six now reports.


In an appearance on KPLR-TV’s “The Real” Tuesday, Mel B refused to give a direct answer when asked if the “Wannabe” singers would be performing at the Royal Wedding, which is how rumors sparked. Now a source close to the popular British girl group from the 90s has flipped the switch.

“Mel B is bonkers,” the source told Page Six. “They’re all attending, but they won’t be performing.”

Mel B’s reaction on “The Real” led people to believe it was a sure thing.

“I’m going to go,” she responded.

“I’m going to be fired,” she added, perhaps suggesting that they were already hired to perform.

The Spice Girls aren’t exactly suitable for a wedding anyway, especially not a royal wedding. It turns out Mel B was just teasing their fans for no good reason.