‘The View’ Thinks Kushner Will End Up On ‘Big Brother’ With Omarosa


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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“The View” joked on Wednesday that senior policy adviser Jared Kushner could end up on the reality tv show “Big Brother” with Omarosa Manigault given his security clearance downgrade on Tuesday.


Kushner’s temporary security clearance was downgraded last week, and “The View” hosts relentlessly mocked him for his apparent fall from grace.

Guest host Cindy McCain, wife to Sen. John McCain, said the Kushner tale is further proof that “in the White House, nepotism should not play a role in any of this.”

“Mueller is breathing down Jared’s neck, I hope he doesn’t end up on Big Brother with Omarosa because that’s the next step,” cohost Joy Behar joked, prompting laughter from the panel and applause from the audience.

Cohost Meghan McCain explained there are “interim” clearances, but added, “I don’t think… anyone should be working in the White House that doesn’t have a security clearance, it’s pretty rational — you don’t need to be a political science major at Harvard to understand that.”

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