Broward Deputy Demands ‘Transparency’ From Sheriff Israel

Fox News

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A Broward County deputy is demanding “transparency” from Sheriff Scott Israel over reports that four other deputies were told to stand down during the recent Parkland school shooting.


Deputy Jeff Bell confirmed during a Fox News interview on Thursday that deputies are trained to enter the building during an active shooter situation, and wondered why the four officers who waited outside the school were told to set up a perimeter. (RELATED: Report: Deputies Were TOLD Not To Go Into High School)

“That’s the million-dollar question on that, is why weren’t the first units directed to go in the building and go go go, as we are trained to do that,” Bell explained. “The call logs…appear to be authentic, and if those logs are correct then those commands should have been directed to get into the building, not set up the perimeter first on that.”

Bell said that according to the notes he saw from Fox producers, the order would have been given by the captain of Parkland.

“I think what the union is prepared to state tonight is that we’re coming out and we’re going to request total transparency from the sheriff and the sheriff’s office,” Bell argued. “I can only plead with the sheriff and the sheriff’s office to release this information so that the deputies can stop being attacked in public and being called cowards, which they rightfully should not be called. The actions of a few people that day should not taint the hard working men and women of the Broward sheriff’s office and the other law enforcement officers.”

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