The Party Bros Went Back To The Los Angeles City Council. It’s Hilarious As Always

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Infamous party bros and activists Chad Kroeger and “JT” recently made a return visit to the Los Angeles City Council to express their disappointment with a law passed banning house parties.

These two modern-day American heroes have been fighting the good fight for people everywhere to rage at house parties however they want.

Their latest appeal to the council didn’t disappoint. JT even promised to keep throwing kickbacks, mixers and soirees, which do not qualify as house parties.

There are young men in this country who won’t even get off the couch to do anything, and these two are over here, fighting for your right to party. What have you done for America today? JT and Chad are up in front of the Los Angeles City Council to make sure that beer keeps flowing.

We all make sacrifices in this country. Some are greater than others, but we all must find our place in the broad order of things. These two brave Americans are standing on a hill fighting for the rights of their fellow citizens to throw bangers. That’s something I will support and endorse all day.

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