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How Did Tommy Switch From Smoking To Vaping?

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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YouTube channel “Very Vocal Vapers” says they are dedicated to being your “vape advocates” within the vape community by letting a vaper’s voice be heard by those who need to hear it. “Very Vocal Vapers” believes that by sharing an individual’s story on how they were able to quit smoking using vaping, they will help promote the positive side of the vaping community. Let’s help them spread that message!

This story centers around Tommy’s quest to quit smoking, as well as his vaping experience. Tommy is from Columbus, Ohio and was a smoker since the age of 15. Both of his parents smoked and were completely fine with him smoking. But, at the time Tommy didn’t weigh any of the consequences that come with long term cigarette use. After smoking for over 20 years, he decided to finally quit. The decision was made when his grandmother passed away from COPD, and one of the last things she said to him was, “Quit smoking, boy!”

He attempted cold turkey but he quickly went back to smoking. Cold turkey simply did not work for him. He didn’t attempt any of the other traditional methods to quit smoking; he went straight to e-cigs.

He started off with cig-a-like devices, and found that he was a dual user at first. He smoked and vaped simultaneously, before transitioning fully to vaping. The cig-a-like devices were not cutting it for him to be 100% smoke-free. It took about a year for his transition to complete itself. The day he bought his first box mod was the day he hasn’t looked back since, and has been a vaper for 3 years now. He was quite satisfied with the flavor options and the satisfaction he was getting from the e-juice’s nicotine.

When he made the full transition to vaping he observed his sense of smell and taste return very quickly. The shortness of breath that he would constantly have to deal with was gone in a matter of weeks. He felt better overall and is a happier person when vaping, as opposed to smoking.

Now, Tommy’s next quest is to get his son to quit smoking!

Check out the video below. It is a Q/A format with “Very Vocal Vapers.”