Take Your Photography To Another Level With This 3-In-1 Remote

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Are you a camera enthusiast or an amateur photographer? Looking for a versatile tool that adapts to your every need, whether that’s capturing the perfect selfie or creating a gorgeous time-lapse? Well, look no further! With Spark Camera Remote, take your shots to the next level with a highly portable tool that empowers you to get the most out of your camera in three unique ways.

Normally $74, this camera remote is 20 percent off

Normally $74, this camera remote is 20 percent off

Spark Camera Remote on sale for $59

Spark gives you instant control to take photos that best meets your needs. It combines the power of app control, the range of IR triggering, and the reliability of a traditional wired remote in one sturdy, easy-to-use device. Meaning, it gives you total control over the way you shoot — whenever and wherever that may be — by enabling you to take incredible photos at a moment’s notice to match any spark of your creativity!

In front or behind the camera, Spark — which has a 2,000-hour battery life — channels your creativity so you can capture the perfect moment. Plug it into your camera and use it as a wired trigger to take long exposures. Connect it to your smartphone and use it from up to 100′ away to trigger your favorite camera. Or trigger photos with a click of a button using infrared sensors. No matter how you envision the perfect shot, you can make it happen with Spark.

Pick up a Spark Camera Remote for $59, 20 percent off its original price, in The Daily Caller Shop.


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