10 Warm Getaways To Melt Away Your Frostbite [SLIDESHOW]

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Morgan Caplan Contributor
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It’s early March, and in many parts of the country, the winter blues have officially set in. With dreary skies overhead, parkas, trench coats and boots have become the latest fashion.

The cold eternally cracks your skin and you just can’t seem to catch a break from the wintery chill.

Summer is only a few months away, but far enough out of reach that all you can do is daydream about warmer days and barbecues. In between now and better days are the rainy months of April and May. Let’s face it, the burns from the blistering sandy beaches are way more appealing than the frostbite burns from a chill of negative 20 degrees.

So, you’re sitting at your office desk and work is becoming more difficult to bear and the morning commute seems longer every day. It’s time to start searching for your summer vacation. What a better time to plan every detail of your excursions in the Bahamas than when you are sitting at your desk pretending to be doing work in February?

Here are getaways to melt that layer of frost and reap the benefits of a vacation in just a few short months.