Donny Deutsch Explodes On GOP Rep Over Gun Control


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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“Morning Joe” had to cut off an interview Friday with a Republican congressman after cohost Donny Deutsch had an outburst about banning assault weapons.


Republican Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers explained that the AR-15 resembles military-style weapons cosmetically but not functionally.

“Look at the inside of the weapon and what it does and the rate of fire, that’s what determines what the weapon can do,” Stivers explained. ” I’m not here saying we shouldn’t deal with guns. I’m saying that frankly we need to get something done and get something done immediately that can make a difference. But we need a wholistic approach. If we don’t go a wholistic approach, it’s not going to have an impact.”

Cohost Willie Geist said Stivers was making a “semantic” argument and that the AR-15 was still able to kill 17 people in the Parkland shooting.

“It was and that’s why we need action and we need to make something happen immediately and we need to talk about school safety…” Stivers began to respond.

Donny Deutsch jumped into the debate out of nowhere, yelling, “You need to get rid of the assault weapons!

“You know what you need to do!” Deutsch yelled.

The panel was taken aback by Deutsch’s outburst, and Joe Scarborough quickly ended the interview with Stivers.

“Okay, okay, let’s be respectful, and Congressman, we greatly appreciate you being with us and we really appreciate your service to America in uniform, and, yes, your service here and also for coming and talking to us about this respectfully,” Scarborough said, trying to cover for Deutsch’s behavior. “We’re indebted to you. Thank you so much.”

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