Joy Behar: ‘Nobody’ In Hollywood Makes Fun Of Trump Supporters


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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“The View’s” Joy Behar claimed on Friday that “nobody” in Hollywood makes fun of Trump supporters.


The cohosts of “The View” discussed how Hollywood would bring up the #MeToo movement during the Oscars, leading Meghan McCain to question if they would bring anti-Trump politics into the awards show.

“Grammy’s ratings were down 24 percent and I don’t really watch award shows anymore. I know there’s a segment of the population that thinks Trump jokes are hilarious, making fun of Republicans is hilarious, I’m here to tell you that Hillary Clinton cameos, I’m so turned off,” McCain ranted.

“I have no interest in being lectured to about my friends who are Trump supporters, and if Hollywood wants to be more inclusive like they claim they are — they’re all inclusive except when it comes to conservative values and except when it comes to Republicans and I’m not interested in watching that,” she said.

The audience applauded for McCain, but Behar took issue with her comments, chiding, “wait a second, wait a second, hold on.”

“Since when do you think that Trump is a Republican?” Behar asked.

“Touche on this Friday, Joy, but I don’t like that it’s all just, ‘you dumb Trump supporters,'” McCain explained.

“Nobody does that,” Behar insisted. “Nobody is making a joke about Trump supporters.”

McCain argued that the awards shows should not be trotting out Hillary Clinton to make “Fire & Fury” jokes if they want their ratings to improve, stating, “it’s tribal.”

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