Tennessee Titans Player Catches A Coyote With His Bare Hands

Coyote (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Tennessee Titans lineman Ben Jacobs recently had the audacity to capture a coyote with his bare hands.

The Titans tweeted out a video of Jacobs sneaking up on the coyote by crawling on the practice field as he snatched the little guy up.

It’s an insane video.

This video is outrageous, and Jacobs is very dumb for even attempting this stunt, in my opinion.

Coyotes are awful animals. The only thing worth doing with a coyote is to blow them away with a weapon. Personally, I have a custom-built AR-15 for the sole purpose of taking out coyotes. That thing bangs and puts animals on the ground.

Those little varmints deserve to die, and we should smoke them every opportunity that presents itself. We shouldn’t be tackling them. Find a gun and blow that animal into the next lifetime.

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