Tucker Leaves Dem Strategist Stuttering On Gun Control

Fox News

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson battled another Democratic strategist on gun control Friday night.


Antjuan Seawright, a Democratic strategist, said during an interview that he is a gun owner but thinks that there should be stronger gun ownership restrictions on people who have mental health issues.

Carlson, the co-founder of The Daily Caller, noted that it is already illegal for people adjudicated mentally unfit to purchase a firearm, and asked Seawright what specific changes he would make to the criminal background check system.

“Well, I think the word ends illness varies. One doctor can diagnose you one thing and one the other. We need to be consistent when we talk about mental health issues,” Seawright argued. “In some places people with mental illnesses can go into a gun show or online and buy a weapon.”

Carlson brought up the fact that a mentally ill person was able to buy a gun for the Parkland school shooting, stating, “We already have a comprehensive back ground check. Would you — I don’t know, tell me your solution. I’m sincerely interested.”

Seawright admitted that the federal government needs to do a better job enforcing the laws currently on the books.

“There are laws on the book and we have to enforce them and strengthen them where we need to. I think you can agree with that, right Tucker?” he asked.

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