Break The Ice At Any Event With This Multi-Tool Keychain Accessory

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If you’re going to a party or any event where you don’t know many people, it’s nice to have a cool icebreaker by your side so you can kickstart conversations and make new friends. With the SMRT Reaper Nano Blade, add a sleek multi-tool accessory to your icebreaking arsenal and be amazed at how many fascinating talks you can start all thanks to something that comfortably fits in your pocket.

Normally $30, this keychain multi-tool is 16 percent off

Normally $30, this keychain multi-tool is 16 percent off

SMRT Reaper Nano Blade on sale for $24.99

The Reaper is part bottle opener, part knife and makes an excellent addition to your keychain. Made of food-grade stainless steel, it makes popping the cap off any bottle a breeze and gives you a collapsible knife for easy access. Best of all, it’s only 1.6″ in diameter, so it easily attaches to any keychain and snuggly rests in any pocket.

So, when you’re going to a party at someone’s house, it’s easy to become everyone’s friend because you’ll be the one with the coolest bottle opener around! Even better, when you’re at a barbeque or tailgating, and no one can open up that package of delicious meat ready to be thrown on the already piping hot, you’ll be the hero who saves the day with your knife!

Break the ice wherever you go and snag the helpful SMRT Reaper Nano Blade for $24.99, 16 percent off its original price, in The Daily Caller Shop.

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