Maxine Waters Suggests Stormy Daniels Should Comment On Trump’s Mental State

David Krayden | Ottawa Bureau Chief

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters took some social media jabs at President Donald Trump Sunday morning, questioning the president’s sanity.

The California congresswoman rattled off a series of names that Trump is supposedly called by staffers before suggesting a consultation with pornographic actress Stormy Daniels over Trump’s “mental state.”

“For a president whose own staff & appointees have referred to him as ignorant, stupid, & whose own Sec. of State Tillerson has not denied calling him a moron, Trump needs to get out of the name calling game,” Waters insisted in a tweet.

Waters then suggested Daniels, with whom Trump allegedly had an affair, could be a good source of psychiatric analysis.

“We might also inquire of Stormy Daniels about Trump’s mental state since she has observed him up close. I’m sure she could give us a revealing interpretation,” she wrote.

Waters also returned to one of her favorite subject matters on Sunday, suggesting for yet another time that Trump’s days as president are numbered because of his allegedly erratic behavior and imminent impeachment.

“Imagine the President of the United States rolling around the West Wing, disoriented, ranting, angry, carrying on and paranoid, dreaming up public policy — it’s a dangerous thing for America. Get ready for impeachment!” Waters concluded.

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