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Crime At University Of Kansas Down After 6 Months Of Campus Carry

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Six months into a campus carry rule at the University of Kansas that liberals were sure would result in bloody gunfights and grueling body counts, the actual crime statistics are telling an altogether different story.

From 2016 to 2017, crimes reported on campus went not up, but down, according to a Friday university police announcement reported by the Lawrence Journal-World.

According to the KU Office of Public Safety, criminal offenses went down from 770 incidents in 2016 to 671 the following year, an overall decrease of 13 percent.

Interestingly, although there have been 14 weapons violations since 2008, the tally for 2017 was exactly zero.

Yes, you read that right — zero weapons violations at campus carry-friendly Kansas University, despite the fact that actual weapons on campus undoubtedly increased.

The KU Office of Public Safety’s annual crime statistics list is released each spring and includes only actual crimes under the law, not other university policy violations.

Although KU police seemed to attribute the decline to added police and security as well as their use of “security technology” like on-campus cameras, the lack of gun crimes nevertheless does nothing to bolster liberal gun control arguments.