This High School Should Be Classified As A National Embarrassment For This Basketball Game Apology


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A high school in Massachusetts is making headlines Monday after it issued a public apology for beating another school pretty badly in a state sectional girls basketball tournament.

East Bridgewater beat Madison Park in an absolute blowout this weekend. 93-7 to be exact.

But apparently the East Bridgewater squad felt pretty bad about their 86 point lead so, according to a local newspaper, East Bridgewater’s superintendent requested the score not to be published.

“This is not a reflection of our student body or our athletic program,” the superintendent said, also calling the game “an unfortunate situation.”

You read that right. This is the superintendent of the winning team. Not the losing one. And she’s embarrassed that her school blew a clearly inferior team out of the water.

She also called for the team to take some time to pause and reflect on their actions. “I’m happy we’re in the tournament,” she said. “But of course no one likes that type of score. I’m hoping this game will bring a thoughtful reflection from our program leaders.”

Are you kidding me? She’s making this sound like the girls actually went out and massacred this other team. This is not the winning spirit. In fact, I hope it does cause the program leaders to have a thoughtful reflection. And when they finish said reflection, I hope they give up that win and resign. All of them. They don’t deserve to coach young kids.

Not to mention, this garbage is happening in Massachusetts. Home of the original winners. That’s right. I’m talking about the Pilgrims. The people with such a winning spirit that they went on to found the greatest country known to man. We’re not going to keep dominating if we teach the next generation to apologize for winning. I’m fully prepared to have Massachusetts secede from the union if they keep attitude this attitude up. And they can keep their stupid senators when they leave, too.

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