Jerry Seinfeld Isn’t Surprised By Hollywood’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Jerry Seinfeld says he isn’t surprised by the “number of people” who have been accused of sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood.

“The world we live in today is stressful, in terms of many of our colleagues in media and the entertainment world getting knocked down like bowling pins here with this whole sexual misconduct thing,” Alec Baldwin explained to Seinfeld during the pilot program of “Sundays with Alec Baldwin” Sunday night following the Oscars. “It’s just amazing.”


“It is and it isn’t,” Seinfeld responded. “It isn’t amazing the number of people. What is amazing is the speed and efficiency of the system of justice that has taken shape so quickly. That part is amazing.”

“The number of people, and who they are, and what they’ve been doing, that doesn’t surprise you or me,” he added.

“I am somewhat surprised,” Baldwin responded. “There seems to be this ‘ding, dong, the witch is dead’ mentality where people jump up and go, ‘Oh, God, thank God Matt Lauer’s outta here! If you only knew what we endured while Matt was here.'”

“So, what are you getting at,” the 63-year-old comedian questioned Baldwin.

“What I’m saying is that, to me, I’m surprised at how institutions like that didn’t have some mechanism to self-correct,” the talk host explained. “Why didn’t the management of that company get in there…”

“You’re a guy who has been in show business and knows very, very well the power structure and how hierarchy or, I should say, how position is exploited,” Seinfeld explained.”You know very well how that’s done.”

“Now, you probably didn’t know, like I didn’t know, that it was being done kind of inappropriately,” he added. “That’s the part that was surprising. Matt Lauer, OK, let’s say he’s cheating on his wife. He doesn’t have to make life tough for people on the show. That’s the part that is a little odd.”

Later, the two talked about some of the people who have been accused of sexual misconduct, such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and comedian Louis C.K.

“We got to go through this. Doesn’t this seem like a necessary bowel movement that the culture has to have,” Seinfeld shared. ”

“It’s a pretty epic bowel movement,” Baldwin responded.