Lane Kiffin Wants Assistant Coaches With Hot Wives, As He Should

(Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Florida Atlantic head coach and college football legend Lane Kiffin insinuated that he’s all about coaches with hot wives.

CBS sports recently talked with Kiffin about new offensive coordinator Charlie Weis Jr., and the conversation turned to his wife.

Kiffin said, “He’s got a beautiful wife. How’d Charlie get her? I look at assistant coaches’ wives. It tells me if they are good recruiters or not.”

I’m sure some people aren’t overly happy with Kiffin talking about coaches wives, but he’s absolutely right.

You can tell a lot about a guy based off of who he dates or is married to. You can especially learn all you need to know if he’s got a woman way out of his league. I’m not talking about just a little bit of their league. I’m talking about a football guy dating an absolute smoke show.

Shooters shoot, and I always tell people to shoot their shots. Worst case scenario is that you go down in a ball of flames, and try again later. I’ve been through that process more times than I’d care to admit. Look, it only needs to work once in order for you to walk out as a winner.

I agree 100 percent with Kiffin’s logic. If a coach is willing to shoot his shot at the hottest woman he can find then he’s probably going to shoot for higher recruits too.

Kiffin is out here playing 4D chess while the rest of the world is busy playing checkers.

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