Corey Lewandowski: If You Don’t Like Working In the White House, You Should ‘Leave’

Morgan Caplan Contributor
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Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski advised White House officials on Monday to leave their positions “if they do not think they are in the right position.”

After 22 sources reported to The Washington Post that the workplace is dysfunctional and morale is low, Lewandowski criticized the individuals who chose to criticize their workplace anonymously. Lewandowski said that while he has never worked in the White House, he disapproves of the constant complaining from its staffers.

“There was chaos seven months ago when there was a freewheeling, everyone had access to the White House, to the president and now it’s chaos because everything is controlled and buttoned up and there is a process,” he said during a CNN interview.

“I don’t think you can have it both ways,” Lewandowski asserted. “If people don’t want to work there they should leave because this job, this administration, is bigger than any one person.”


“It is an extremely difficult environment under any circumstances,” Lewandowski comments. “But look it is an amazing privilege I think to be able to serve our country by working in the White House.”

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