Revolutionary War-Era Ship Uncovered In Maine

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Winter storm Riley covered some areas of New England with water over the weekend. It also uncovered a Revolutionary War-era shipwreck on Short Sands Beach, according to Fox 25 Boston.

Locals say the wreck is exposed every several years when the sand is drained enough to reveal the ship’s skeleton.

On one of those rare occasions when the ship was uncovered in the 1980s, marine archaeologist Warren Riess examined the remains and judged that the ship was probably built in the late-18th century, around the time of the Revolutionary War, based off its design and location.

Other shipwreck remains in the area have been examined and were determined to have been built around the early 19th century, so while this particular Revolutionary War-era ship in York is not necessarily a new sighting, it is a rare and unique one — a perk to New England’s heavier coastal storms.