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Whether you’re a recent college graduate looking to improve your skill set, a hard-working young professional hoping to climb the corporate ladder, or an entrepreneur learning how to manage every aspect of your business best, this five-course bundle is a worthwhile investment. The Supply Chain & Strategic Management Bundle dives deep into the intricacies of managing a complex supply chain as well as teaches you incredibly useful organizational skills.

Normally $1,500 this supply chain & strategic management bundle is 98 percent off

Normally $1,500 this supply chain & strategic management bundle is 98 percent off (Photo via Shutterstock)

Supply Chain & Strategic Management Bundle on sale for $29

The bundle — featuring five courses and 43 hours of instructional content — kickstarts your deep dive by breaking down how products get from point A to point B. Meaning, you’ll review engaging case studies to learn about the global workings of supply chain management across different industries, even covering the retail sector in detail and deciphering how the supply chain affects it. As you progress from course to course, you’ll soon become adept enough to manage a complete, global supply chain!

Beyond mastering the ins and outs of supply chain management, widen your skill set by refining essential business strategies. From maximizing every resource a company possesses to formulating a compelling roadmap for the company’s future and understanding how to achieve goals through a company’s employees, you’ll master organizational skills that put you head and shoulders above any of your competition.

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