Here’s A Casual Reminder The Oscars Are Illegitimate Because Of The ‘Wind River’ Snub

(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for TWC)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It’s time for us all to take another casual reminder that nothing at the Oscars mattered because “Wind River” didn’t get a single nomination.

I’ve already said this powerful film deserved a ton of awards, but sadly, the Jeremy Renner led flick got zero.

We shouldn’t casually throw around words like “illegitimate” without thinking. We’re obviously not talking about despot dictators and their illegitimate regimes. We’re talking about the biggest night of the year in entertainment, and how a movie about violence against women was thrown in the trash to be forgotten.

We’re in an era where violence and misconduct against women is front and center. The entire plot of “Wind River” is about violence against women. How am I, a dude on the internet, smart enough to make that obvious connection, and Hollywood isn’t?

Those in Hollywood could have taken the obvious opportunity to shine a lot on “Wind River” and celebrate a movie that featured strong women, and told a story about the brutality they can face. Of course, the easiest thing to do was just pretend it didn’t exist because Harvey Weinstein was involved.

It’s nothing more than pure cowardice on the part of everybody involved with the Oscars. Absolute cowards, the lot of them.

There’s no excuse for not giving “Wind River” the honors it earned, and the film being ignored proves the Oscars aren’t to be taken seriously.

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