The Alamo Fell To The Mexicans And Santa Anna On This Day 182 Years Ago

The Alamo (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Today is the 182 year anniversary of the Alamo in Texas falling to Santa Anna and the Mexican military.

A ragtag group of rebels, which included Davey Crockett, James Bowie and William Travis, engaged in a long siege with the Mexican military. The brave patriots only had about 200 men, and were facing down thousands of Santa Anna’s men.

It ended when the famous fort finally fell on March 6, 1836, and the Americans were defeated. The fall of the Alamo inspired the great state of Texas in its push for independence, and the legend was born. It’s even said that Davey Crockett’s body was found with 16 dead Mexican soldiers around him, and his knife shoved into one of the enemy. Soon afterwards, Sam Houston and 800 men would avenge the fallen at the Alamo and soundly defeat Santa Anna.

The Alamo’s legacy isn’t something we should ever forget. A handful of men were surrounded and outnumbered. They didn’t retreat, they didn’t surround and they didn’t just throw in the towel because the bad guys had thousands of more men. No, they opened fire, fought hand to hand and killed as many of the enemy soldiers as they could until the last man had fallen. That’s what the American spirit is all about. They might not have been part of the USA until 1845, but the American spirit was represented in those brave men long before Texas would ever become a state.

You mess with our kind and you better bring a whole lot of men because “retreat” and “surrender” are not words we plan on uttering.

It’s better to die on your feet knowing that you fired every round possible than to die on your knees. That’s the spirit of America and that was the spirit at the Alamo on the fateful day of March 6, 1836.

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