Blogger Causes National Panic After Offering Free Sex To Her Readers

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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A Chinese blogger is in some hot water after thousands flocked to a hotel room because she recently offered free sex.

Chinese news website Ifeng reported the following, as translated by The Daily Mail:

There were claims that around 3,000 people flocked to the hotel the woman said she was staying at in southern China.

The woman, identified as 19-year-old Miss Ye, has been arrested by local police on suspicion of advertising about prostitution, according to a police statement.

Apparently, Miss Ye uploaded a post at 8pm on March 1 to advertise for her ‘free sex service’.

The post, which has been deleted, read: ‘Who’s coming to get me…to have sex…for free.’

Then she left a room number 6316 in the post.

Well, this sure is a wild situation to ever find yourself in. Look, most people are going to be quick to jump on this women for being in the wrong. Those people just don’t understand the blogger lifestyle. It’s all about gaining those followers and clicks.

It doesn’t sound like she went through with anything, so it seems like an elaborate stunt. That’s just what the blogger lifestyle is all about.

More importantly, what type of person actually shows up to a random hotel to have sex with a blogger? That seems absurdly dangerous and stupid. I would have loved to see the thousands of morons who feel for this and showed up. That’s got to be a rough look. You’re getting pretty damn desperate if you have to travel to a hotel in hopes of having sex with an internet blogger. The saddest part it’s not like just a couple of guys showed up. That could probably be expected, but thousands? No excuse for that.

Seems like the dating life in China life must be really tough.

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