CNN Guest Praises The ‘Brilliance’ Of North Korea In Diplomacy

Justin Caruso Contributor
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A guest on CNN said that North Korea displayed “brilliance” in diplomacy towards the United States Tuesday.


“The North Koreans, if you can believe the South Koreans representation of it, are not putting any conditions on this for the initial talks other than that the United States has to got to come up and get engaged in talks. And the brilliance of this for the north, is that it puts the onus on President Trump who appears to be rejecting diplomacy,” The New York Times’s David Sanger said. “So the conversations will get going.” (RELATED: Trump Slams Obama For Inaction On North Korea — Promises ‘We’re Prepared To Go Whichever Path Is Necessary’)

“If history is any indication, at some point the North Koreans will say what they said in all the previous talks, which is we can get rid of our nuclear weapons and our missiles if we feel we’ve got complete security, and all the security guarantees that we need,” he continued. “President Clinton gave some of those, President Bush gave others. But the North Korean idea of this is that the U.S. pull out of its troops out of South Korea, a treaty ally, that it stop all military exercises with the south, basically they try to fracture the alliance between South Korea and the United States.”

“So far, no one has been willing to do that.” (RELATED: Trump: If Sanctions On North Korea Don’t Work, We May Have To Do ‘A Very Rough Thing’)

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