Roger Stone Battles MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Over Hillary Clinton And Wikileaks

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Roger Stone unloaded on Hillary Clinton on MSNBC Tuesday.

“Up to her neck in campaign dirty tricks.”


“I understand the effort to distract from the content of those e-mails because they show Hillary Clinton to be greedy, corrupt and up to her neck in campaign dirty tricks, so let’s make a controversy about where they came from, not the substance of them,” Stone said.

Also, in reference to Julian Assange, Stone said, “I reject the idea that he’s a Russian asset. I reject the idea that Wikileaks is a Russian front. I think that he’s a journalist, a courageous journalist, and frankly his track record for accuracy and authenticity is superior to The New York Times or The Washington Post.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Says This Is Trump’s ‘Only Chance For Survival’ In Mueller Probe)

Host Chuck Todd then claimed, “The CIA director, Mike Pompeo, compared Wikileaks to ISIS and said they’re a non-state actor trying to undermine the United States.”

“Well, our intelligence agencies also told us that there was no metadata collection program on American citizens,” Stone shot back. “That turned out to be a lie. They told us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Our intelligence agencies sadly have been politicized and they have said things that i think fit a political agenda.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone’s Full WikiLeaks Conversation And Passport Photos)

“Their role in leaking against this president, their role in forwarding a phony dossier that was used as the rationale for surveillance by the state of the Republican candidate for president is an abuse of power far more egregious than Watergate.”

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