Nobody Cares About Your Social Media Following When It Comes To Dating

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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There has been much debate lately about the importance of social media and the size of a person’s following.

I’m not going to get into a debate about everything that’s important or not in relationships. We can save that for another day. Here’s what I know for sure. A person’s following on social media doesn’t matter at all, at least not to men with a brain.

Let me be crystal clear with what I’m saying here. I don’t care if a woman has 20 million Instagram followers, 20 followers or doesn’t have Instagram at all. Do you think a woman’s social media following is going to give me four sons that are capable of playing in the NFL, NHL or NBA? Of course not.

Look, I get it if somebody is proud of having a large social media following. It’s kind of cool, and you’ve probably done something pretty neat if you’re rocking in the seven figures club. That obviously doesn’t just happen by accident.

However, that most certainly be a crutch you rely on to pick up members of the opposite sex. Do you think I’m rolling around to bars telling them about my advanced hunting skills, how I scored two points in the high school basketball or how I once saved an elderly crossing the street? Of course I don’t. I let the personality do the talking.

I wouldn’t give a woman the time of day if she opened up with how many Instagram followers she had. Call me crazy, but it’s the truth. I’m not dabbling with an ego like that. Just toss me a beer, talk a little football and we’ll be good. Start talking about your 500,000 Instagram followers and we’re going to have some problems.

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