Ignoring Democrats’ Farrakhan Ties Is The Epitome Of Media Bias

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Scott Greer Contributor
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A congressman reaffirmed his ties to an avowed anti-Semite this week, but you wouldn’t know about it if you get your news from the establishment media.

The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Peter Hasson broke the story of Democratic Rep. Danny Davis doubling down on claiming Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is an “outstanding human being.”

“I know Farrakhan, I know the Middle East question, I know the Jews and Farrakhan — I know all that, but that’s not what I spend all my time focused on,” Davis told Hasson with a laugh. The congressman also dismissed the claim — made by his own office — that he had been misquoted about his past praise of Farrakhan. (RELATED: Democratic Congressman Confirms Relationship With Farrakhan, Unbothered By ‘The Jewish Question’)

The Nation of Islam pastor is a well-documented black supremacist and is considered America’s “leading anti-Semite” by the Anti-Defamation League. It’s pretty newsy that a congressman would be proud to associate with such a character, and it’s an even bigger story when  considering Davis isn’t the only Democrat with ties to Farrakhan. (RELATED: Seven House Democrats Have Direct Ties To Notorious Anti-Semite)

In January, a photo emerged of then-Senator Barack Obama shaking hands with Farrakhan at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting in 2005. Little attention was paid to the photograph outside of conservative media.

In February, Hasson broke the news that Democratic National Committee deputy chairman Keith Ellison had met with Farrakhan multiple times since he supposedly disavowed the NOI leader in 2006. Ellison has faced very little scrutiny for these continuing ties to a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group. (RELATED: Keith Ellison Attended Multiple Meetings With Farrakhan While In Congress)

When 21 members of the Congressional Black Caucus were asked by Hasson to disavow Farrakhan, all declined. But that shouldn’t be too surprising when Ellison himself says his fellow Democrats aren’t bothered by his Farrakhan connection. (RELATED: Black Caucus Members Refuse To Denounce Hate Group Leader Louis Farrakhan)

Multiple leaders of Women’s March — one of the biggest left-wing organizations at the moment — have strong ties to Farrakhan and aren’t ashamed about it. “Thank God this man is still alive and doing well. He is definitely the GOAT [Greatest Of All Time],” Women’s March co-president Tamika Mallory once said of Farrakhan. She has refused to disavow the NOI leader and praised the group’s work as recently as Wednesday. (RELATED: Women’s March Leader Defends Nation Of Islam As ‘Coalition Work’)

It would seem like all of these prominent Democrats and progressives having ties to a hate figure would be a huge news story. But the only establishment media figure to cover it is CNN’s Jake Tapper, who devoted a brief segment of his show to the story on Monday.

“Why is it so tough for some people to condemn a rabid anti-Semite who is also a misogynist and anti-LGBT?” Tapper asked his panel. Two of his panelists were gracious enough to demonstrate why it was hard for Democrats to do so.

Former Obama aide Jen Psaki delivered a mealy-mouthed statement on her party’s “coalitions.” Never Trumper extraordinaire Bill Kristol made sure to shift attention to Donald Trump in his answer.

Both responses shed a light on why Democrats refuse to oust Farrakhan-friendly leaders and why the media ignores the story. Farrakhan is respected in parts of the African-American community and forcing out his friends in Congress would be hazardous to the Democrats’ coalition. They don’t want to appear racist when they’re trying to be the party of diversity.

So Democrats will overlook the ties to the black nationalist and accept ridiculous claims their well-documented support is just “ultra-right propaganda.”

The media has no interest in covering this story when it detracts from their narrative that President Trump is a deranged racist because random people — whom he has no ties to — praise him.

Ever since he was campaigning for president, a favorite media story has been to collect quotes of various white nationalists saying nice things about Trump and stirring up outrage over it. In spite of Trump disavowing David Duke and the alt-right numerous times, he still gets hounded over their actions by the press.

At the height of the 2016 GOP presidential primary, Jake Tapper asked Trump to disavow David Duke and the KKK, something the presidential candidate had already done. Trump bumbled in saying he doesn’t really know anything about the things Tapper was asking, and then a whole week’s news cycle was dedicated to attacking Trump for courting the Klan’s support.

A big difference from what happened when Tapper covered Democrats’ direct ties to Farrakhan.

Journalists not covering the Farrakhan connections with the same fervor that they did over David Duke’s pro-Trump tweets shows media bias at its worst. Reporters shrugged at prominent Democrats and leading progressives paling around with an anti-Semite, while thousands of news stories are dedicated to covering racist Trump fans on Twitter. Truly, a non-partisan display of priorities.

Reporters don’t care about hate when it could tarnish their own side. They only care about it when it contributes to a narrative that furthers their agenda.

Every day in the Trump era is a reminder that the establishment media is biased and can never claim it’s an objective entity. Journalists have declared they don’t care that Democratic congressmen and powerful left-wing activists praised a hate group leader.

Remember that the next time a reporter presses Sarah Sanders on what Trump thinks about some random neo-Nazi.

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