Jimmy Kimmel: Trump Should Love The Oscars, ‘The Shape Of Water’ Is His Life Story

(Photo credit: screenshot/YouTube Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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It’s been two days since Jimmy Kimmel and the rest of Hollywood used the Academy Awards as a platform to bash Donald Trump, but the host just can’t seem to stop taking shots at the president.

Donald Trump dragged the Oscars on Twitter Tuesday after the Academy Awards recorded their worst ratings in the history of the awards show on Sunday. It didn’t take long for Jimmy Kimmel to fire back, and he continued cracking jokes about the president on into his show on Tuesday night. (RELATED: Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back At Trump Over Oscars Criticism)

“Trump always has a problem with the Academy Awards, which is surprising because I really think he would really love the best picture winner, ‘The Shape of Water.’ The movie, if you haven’t seen it, is about a monster that has sex with a woman who can’t talk about it. Basically it’s like his life story.”

Kimmel’s joke came hours after adult film star Stormy Daniels sued Trump claiming the non-disclosure agreement they reached after their alleged affair is not valid because Trump never signed it. The late-night comedian had Daniels on his show weeks beforehand to troll the president on the night of his first State of the Union Address.

Trump weighed in on Kimmel’s “lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY” earlier on Tuesday to which Kimmel responded by calling him the “lowest rated President in HISTORY.”

“Trump loves saying the ratings are down to insinuate that is a show of some sort of support for him, but the truth is every year since Netflix happened ratings are down for every big TV show,” Kimmel argued in his opening monologue on Tuesday. “So since I was the host of the Oscars I felt like it was incumbent upon me to respond.”