‘Modern Family’ Cast Tells Americans What To Do About Guns

(ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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The cast of “Modern Family” released a video in cooperation with Everytown For Gun Safety to raise awareness for school safety and “common sense gun laws.”

The video is titled “#NeverAgain: Support the Parkland Students.”

“Someday, our lawmakers will stop putting the interest of the NRA ahead of what’s best for our children,” several cast members said. “And we will be right there by your side as Americans take to the streets on March 24 making their voices heard in the March For Our Lives.”

It’s pretty unreal that these actors and actresses want to sit here and lecture ordinary Americans about legal issues. These Hollywood characters just got absolutely waxed during the Oscars. Americans basically handed a middle finger on a silver platter to the entertainment industry on Sunday after the Oscars hit a record low in ratings. Yet they want to continue sitting in front of a camera, surrounded by armed guards, and tell us to disarm. Celebrities rarely – if ever have to worry about safety. But they want every unassuming American who sends their kids to public school to blame the NRA for their problems. Sorry Hollywood but you’re wrong on this one. Thanks anyway.

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