Stephen Colbert Mocks Christianity To Convince Oprah To Run In 2020

(Photo credit: screenshot/YouTube The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

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Oprah Winfrey has repeatedly said that she won’t run for president without receiving a sign from God, so Stephen Colbert felt it was worth mocking Christianity in an attempt to satisfy her prerequisite on Tuesday night.

The late night comedian led in by reading Winfrey’s quotes about her sole hesitation for seeking office before he was interrupted by “God,” who appeared above them in the studio. (RELATED: These Photos Alone Ruined Oprah’s Chances In 2020)

“Oh, hey God! It’s God everybody, give it up for the Lord,” Colbert shouted to the crowd. “I’m sorry about this Oprah, I apologize. I apologize, God stops by every once in a while he’s a fan. Can I help you Lord, I’m kinda in the middle of talking to somebody important,” Colbert joked.

“Now God, I don’t mean to hurry you along, but is there something you’d like to tell Oprah?”

“Oh yeah, I hear thou seekest a sign,” the animated God said. “Well, is this clear enough?” he added, pointing to a “Run!” sign beside him.

Oprah certainly got a kick out of it, but wasn’t exactly convinced and joked that running was already a part of her exercise routine.

“How do I make this clearer, Oprah. Oh, I know,” ‘God’ responded. “Oprah Winfrey 2020, yes she can!,” he added now dressed in full-on Oprah campaign gear.

“Well, there it is,” Colbert joined back in. “You asked for it. There it is Oprah, a big endorsement.”

Despite Colbert’s embarrassing attempt at a joke, Oprah still wasn’t convinced.

“God, take it from me, Oprah, it’s gonna be okay. Everything is gonna be okay and I’m sure you are going to find someone that you are just inspired by in 2020.”