Ted Cruz Reminds Chris Cuomo Of Obama Administration’s Blunders That Led To Mass Shootings

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Republican Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on CNN Wednesday and he let Chris Cuomo know exactly whose administration was responsible for background check failures.

“The Air Force, under President Obama, never reported the conviction.”


Chris Cuomo pointed out that the Grassley-Cruz bill gun reform bill doesn’t “cover all sales.”

“Sir, why does that matter? Because in Texas, in Sutherland Springs, we had just a few months ago the worst church shooting in the history of the country.”

“I was in that sanctuary the day after the shooting. I was with the victims of that crime. The shooter in Sutherland Springs, it was already illegal for him to purchase a firearm under federal law. Two reasons–number one, because he had a felony conviction, number two, he had a domestic violence conviction,” Cruz responded. “Why was he able to buy a firearm? Because the Air Force, under President Obama, never reported the conviction.”

“Grassley-Cruz would have fixed that. And here’s the more important piece. Grassley-Curz would have also directed the Department of Justice to prosecute felons and fugitives who try to illegally try to buy guns. The Department of Justice hasn’t been doing that.” (RELATED: Chris Cuomo Spreads Fake AR-15 Story)

“So the Sutherland Springs shooter, when he went in to buy his guns, he lied on the background check,” Cruz continued. “He checked a box that he wasn’t a felon, that was a lie, that’s another felony. He checked the box that he didn’t have a domestic violence conviction. That was a lie and a felony too. Grassley-Cruz would have prosecuted him and put him in prison which meant he would have been in penitentiary and not murdering people in a sanctuary.” (RELATED: Chris Cuomo Explodes On Matt Schlapp: ‘If I Want To Call You A Liar’)

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