President Trump To Latino Group — ‘You’re Really Making America Great Again’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump spoke to the Latino Coalition Legislative Summit Wednesday, telling the crowd that they’re “really making America great again.”


President Trump praised the “millions of hardworking Latinos all across our nation.”

“You’re really making America great again,” he said. “A lot of the people in this room are making America great again.”

“You’re unleashing the American spirit, you’re bringing jobs to American communities, and you are fighting for the American way,” he said.

Trump also told the audience to push Democrats on finding a solution for DACA recipients.

“This is our time. This is our moment! Go get DACA. Go push those Democrats. I’m telling you.”

“This is a moment for DACA and for all of us, but this is a very special moment. A lot of tremendous things can happen here. Right now, so many tremendous things can happen, if people want them to happen.” (RELATED: Trump Takes A Shot At Pelosi During Speech At Latino Coalition Legislative Summit)

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