CNN’s Symone Sanders: If Dem President Did Tariffs, Republicans ‘Would Be Trying To Burn Them At The Proverbial Stake’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN’s Symone Sanders said Thursday that if a Democratic president did tariffs, Republicans would try to burn them at the stake.


“If it were a Democratic president, it would be–not necessarily wouldn’t be all we’re talking about. Also, I do believe that Republicans would have a Democratic president on–would be trying to burn them at the proverbial stake, if you will.” (RELATED: ‘Even The Members Of The Ku Klux Klan…’: CNN’s Symone Sanders Makes Absurd Reference When Talking About Trump [VIDEO])

Many Republicans (and Democrats) are in face criticizing President Trump for the tariffs. Both House speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. majority leader Mitch McConnell have spoken out against the tariffs.

President Trump signed new tariffs on steel and aluminum into law Thursday.

Trump hosted an event in the Oval Office Thursday prior to the signing, inviting a number of American workers to share their stories.

A worker named Dusty Stevens said, “Right now, we’re running at 40 percent capacity. Two years ago, we shut down 60 percent of the capacity when we had a downturn in the market.”

“My father worked in the industry and worked at that plant for 40 years, so this hits home for all of us. But these tariffs going into place, this gives us the ability to come back to 100 percent capacity and investing over $100 million to our plant and over 300 and some odd jobs will be brought back to the communities. So I’d like to say thank you.” (RELATED: American Workers And President Trump Share Amazing Moments In Oval Office)

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