All Of A Sudden CNN’s Chris Cuomo Loves Ron Johnson After He Disagrees With Trump On Trade

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Host of CNN’s “New Day” Chris Cuomo welcomed GOP Sen. Ron Johnson on air with open arms Thursday to discuss his disagreements with President Donald Trump on trade, despite mocking Johnson just weeks earlier.

Cuomo had previously criticized Johnson for playing politics with the FBI but was happy to hear him out so long as he was going against Trump.

“You wrote a letter. [Trump] doesn’t care. How does that make you feel as a GOP senator?” Cuomo grinned.

“I don’t expect anybody to agree with me 100 percent of the time. So on trade there’s obviously a wide divide within this country and between individuals. So it doesn’t surprise me. President Trump has had this position literally for decades,” Johnson said. “But I come from a manufacturing background. I’ve exported product to 20, 25 different countries around the world. I understand global supply chains and I just view this as potentially, if it’s wide spread, if it’s targeted toward China, depending on how it’s tailored, I may not have a problem with it.”


Cuomo continued to throw Johnson softballs to set him up to bash Trump’s trade policies and asked if the president’s tariffs were a way of helping the GOP in the an upcoming special election in Pennsylvania.

“I really can’t answer that,” Johnson said.

“You must!,” Cuomo shot back.

“It’s actually very disappointing that free and fair trade is not politically popular,” Johnson replied. “I don’t understand it myself, again, having been in manufacturing, participated in global markets. But there’s been a fair amount of demagoguery on all sides of the aisle on this issue. So the American public in general does not support free and fair trade, and I think that’s unfortunate. I think it’s just an incorrect economic position to take.”

Cuomo did address the FBI secret society claims he had criticized Johnson for later in the interview.

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