Kim Jong-Un Wants To Meet With President Trump

Kim Jong Un AFP/Getty Images/KCNA

Justin Caruso Contributor
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North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un reportedly wants to meet with President Trump.


Fox News’ Bret Baier reported Thursday, “We are just getting word from sources to our own national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin about what that will include. The South Koreans, we’re told by a U.S. official, will announce that they have had a meeting between Kim Jong-Un and the South Korean leader, and that they will also have an invitation to meet with Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader, and President Trump.”

“That will be announced. The feedback will be announced from the South Korean delegation that had met with Kim Jong-Un. They’ll announce a new meeting between the South Koreans and the North Koreans, and an invite as we mentioned, for President Trump to take part in a meeting with Kim Jong-Un,” Baier said.

The Daily Caller has also learned that there are no American plans to meet with North Korea as of now.

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